Lancaster Girls Grammar School and the Slavery Family Trees Community Project

Lovely to get feedback from work I’ve done with schools through Lancaster Black History Group


Harry Yearnshire (Head of History, Lancaster Girls Grammar School)

Alongside four students from Lancaster Girls Grammar School (LGGS) students – Jasmine Patel, Emma Chandler, Emily Yates and Bella Tyler – that have been involved with the Lancaster Black History Group (LBHG) Slavery ‘Family Trees’ research project have benefited greatly from this experience in so many different ways, and we are grateful to Dr Sunita Abraham & Professor Imogen Tyler for the opportunity to be involved in such an interesting, important and inspiring project. Together we have learned huge amounts about the discipline of independent historical research and the challenges provided by this. We have also developed the depth of our understanding of how Lancaster and our local history was so intimately involved and entwined with the Transatlantic Slave Trade in the 18thand 19thCenturies, including the areas of Lancaster in and around our school, as well as…

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