Slavery Family Trees Exhibition at Lancaster University Library 1-31st May 2003


This exhibition was first displayed at Lancaster City Museum in the summer and autumn of 2023, and we are pleased that it has now travelled to the University Library. It is one of the outcomes of the first phase of the Slavery Family Trees project, funded by a small grant from the charity Necessity (2021-2022), and conducted primarily online during the Coivd-19 pandemic. For this project, LBH collaborated with school children and teachers, refugees and asylum seeker groups, university students and staff, and members of voluntary groups/charities/trusts/museums/heritage orgs and local government. Groups and individuals from these communities undertook historical research, working with pubic databases, local museums and other resources to research 7 families with connections to Lancaster’s 18th century involvement in ‘the slavery business’ (Hall, 2018). The Necessity grant allowed LBH to commission a research coordinator (Sunita Abraham) who worked alongside an advisory team from LBH (led by Imogen Tyler…

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