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  • Deportation Nation

    At the end of this post is an abstract for an article I am currently finishing called ‘Deportation Nation’. I first developed this paper as a talk at BritCult: The German Association for the Study of British Culture, Dortmund, 2017. This paper develops my longstanding research on deportation, immigration detention and the scapegoating of migrants…

  • The hieroglyphics of the border: racial stigma in neoliberal Europe

      The abstract and introduction below, is taken from a recent article ‘The hieroglyphics of the border: racial stigma in neoliberal Europe” from my ongoing stigma research project. It was included in a special issue of the journal Ethnic and Racial Studies on ‘Race and Crisis” (Edited by Suman Gupta & Satnam Virdee). You can access…

  • Rethinking the Sociology of Stigma: Stigma is not a self-evident phenomenon but like all concepts has a history.

    This abstract below is taken from the introduction (written by myself and Tom Slater) to a special issue Monograph of the Sociological Review on The Sociology of Stigma. The full introduction, and full issue is online here and can be purchased in hardcopy here for £10. [If you would like a PDF of this introduction but cannot access…

  • Resituating Erving Goffman: From Stigma Power to Black Power

    Drawing by Charlotte Bailey (from a forthcoming Graphic Essay based on this article). Please do not reproduce this images without proper citation: Charlotte Bailey & Imogen Tyler, 2018 “From Stigma Power to Black Power” Graphic Essay. In “Resituating Erving Goffman: From Stigma Power to Black Power”, a recent article published from my ongoing Stigma research project…

  • From Revolting Subjects to Stigma Machines

    From Revolting Subjects to Stigma Machines

    ‘We must first attend “violently” to things as they are, without illusions or false hopes, if we are to transcend the present.’ – Stuart Hall In the essay ‘Abjection and Miserable Forms’, written a year after the Nazi Party’s election to power in Germany, Georges Bataille argued that “abjection” is a mechanism of social exclusion…

  • Democratic Fascism

    Democratic Fascism

    The election of Donald Trump as 45th US President ‘is an extinction-level event’. The conservative-cum-libertarian commentator Andrew Sullivan used this phrase back in May during the most divisive election campaign in US history, and it captures the multiple catastrophes already unfolding in the wake of this election.

  • The Sociology of Stigma: A Special Session at the British Sociological Association Conference in Manchester (April 4-6, 2017)

    The Sociology of Stigma: A Special Session at the British Sociological Association Conference in Manchester (April 4-6, 2017)

    Imogen will be convening a special session (papers and discussion) on the sociology of stigma at the BSA in April, 9am -12.30am on Tuesday 4th April (Room 4.205/4.206), Manchester University. All Welcome. The aim of the special session Erving Goffman’s Stigma: Notes on the Management of Spoiled Identity [1963] transformed understandings of the social function of stigma. However,…

  • 80 years of war against workfare

    80 years of war against workfare

      Imogen Tyler has published a short article about workfare in The Precariat. Read the full edition here.       A shorter version of this blog post was published in The Precariat a newspaper produced as part of the NewBridgeCentre Hidden Civil War project in Newcastle. The struggles of the under and the unemployed…

  • Psychologists and the benefits system

    Psychologists and the benefits system

    Brigit McWade recently gave a paper on ‘Stigma, neoliberalism and welfare reform’ as part of an event entitled ‘Psychologists and the benefits system’, reported here by Disability News Service. Brigit’s slides from her presentation are here.

  • Anti-Racist Bystander Intervention – #againsthate

    Anti-Racist Bystander Intervention – #againsthate

    Racism is a social issue which we ALL need to address. This is a small preliminary collection of online resources gathered by Dr Alison Phipps, myself and others which offers various kinds of advice on what you can do if you are  witness to hate speech, (I am writing this with race hate in mind, but applies also to…

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